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    Haha.. this is funny.

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    […] It’s an often repeated mantra on Flyer Talk.  For a brief bit today, JetBlue was offering $4-5 fares (each way, all-inclusive) for their one-day only LGB-BUR service in “celebration” of Carmageddon (Hat Tip: The Wandering Aramean). […]

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    […] is the latest promotion from JetBlue tied to current events. The carrier famously offered commuter flights from Burbank to Long Beach in July 2011 when the 405 was shut down for a day and the city predicted “carmageddon” traffic […]

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    […] JetBlue. This isn’t the first time JetBlue has gotten in on current events. Last year it was $4 flights during "carmageddon" in Los Angeles. This year they’re giving 1,006 people (2012 seats) free trips to leave the country after the […]