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    […] for the combined carrier I figured it was worth sharing the good news here in the combined forums. "Expert mode" is now available on the co.com preview site, suggesting that it will be live for the rest of the world in the near future. On any booking […]

  2. Darren
    Darren at |

    Awesome, awesome, awesome (phew!)

  3. Mike
    Mike at |

    these fare/upgrade codes always boggle my mind. im a total amateur. how do u guys keep this stuff straight? id pay for a good tutorial on how to decipher each carrier’s fare buckets.

  4. steven
    steven at |

    where can I find “setting” after login to change to expert mode? Thanks!

  5. Darren
    Darren at |
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  7. United "Expert Mode" returning today - The Wandering Aramean

    […] the GreaseMonkey script I previously built will still work. If not I’ll be working on it tonight to have it functional […]

  8. JT
    JT at |

    Great tool.
    It would be handy if you tweaked the script to change the cursor to a hand over the anchor tags you insert (the ones with the href of research(this) – I didn’t realize I could click on them until I looked at the script itself!

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