Win a free* domestic award ticket today!

Want to win a 25K award ticket without too much effort? Have I got a deal for you! SAS is running a contest where folks can create a video and win 1MM points from their program. Creating a video is a lot of work, however, and the time to enter the contest is closed. But that just makes it easier to win the 25K award. Confused yet? Allow me to explain.

A couple folks in the frequent traveler community are looking to build some buzz and some votes for a few specific entries. To that end they are offering up a free ticket to one person who votes for any or all of their videos. Full details on the contest are here. Suffice it to say, the odds of winning are pretty good. Here’s the excerpt from the rules thread from the contest:

Before I go into the procedure for entering the giveaway, I should let you know that you can give yourself a second entry to the giveaway by sharing this giveaway with your friends on Facebook. Just share the link for this thread on FB by clicking here. Make sure and include the fact that you’ve both voted and shared in your comment per #6 below.
Here’s the procedure:

  1. Go to the first video (my favorite!)
  2. Click “Login with Facebook”
  3. Click “Allow” (don’t worry, it won’t post to your Facebook without your permission)
  4. Vote for the video!
  5. Repeat #4 for all the rest linked below (I’d suggest only opening 6 tabs at a time. When I opened more, Chrome slowed to a crawl.)
  6. Leave a reply to this thread saying that you’ve voted for all the videos (Please preface it with the word “Entry” so that it’s clear it’s an entry.)

Yes, you have to join MilePoint or FlyerTalk to enter the contest (FT version of the thread is here), but that really shouldn’t dissuade anyone from entering. This is my favorite of the videos, Takeoff:

As an added bonus, I’ve entered the contest but I have no intention of winning. If I do win then I’ll be giving away the award to someone who enters based on having read about the contest here. Just leave a comment here as well and you’ll have a shot at the second chance drawing should I be the one to win. It will be random based on the comment number.

Help out the community and make sure those million miles go to a good cause. But do so quickly. Voting ends at midnight CET on 15 August 2011 (that’s 6 or 7pm EDT on Monday; I’m bad at time zones).

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Seth Miller

I'm Seth, also known as the Wandering Aramean. I was bit by the travel bug 30 years ago and there's no sign of a cure. I fly ~200,000 miles annually; these are my stories. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


  1. Hey, along these lines, I’m a finalist for the Four Points By Sheraton travel story $25K contest, and I sure could use the votes as well. Every person who votes for me in the contest is automatically entered into a weekly drawing for a 2 night stay at any Four Points hotel in North America, plus food and drink. Plus, I have to say that I think I have a pretty good story. Go read it for yourself, and if you like it, PLEASE VOTE!!

  2. So if we entered based on the MP thread we’re not eligible for the “second chance” drawing here?

    1. You can still have an entry, Bradley.

      At this point the contest is closed. If I win and the second chance drawing comes into play I’ll notify the winner.

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