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  1. planensimple
    planensimple at |

    Interestingly these strong arm tactics by Qatar is going to affect its image in the long run, Airlines like Cathay have gone on record that they are happy with the progress being made by GE and Boeing on the fuel burn issue about which they had informed everyone well in advance. I don’t see the point as to what will Qatar achieve by playing like this?

  2. hulagrrl210
    hulagrrl210 at |

    Like someone else wouldn’t be happy to buy the 747-8 from Boeing ::rolleyes::

  3. Colonel G
    Colonel G at |

    I’ve seen this kind of move before when I used to live in Dubai. It puts BA in a tough position as they have the legal right to enforce the contract for the 747-8 and get paid for delivery, but they run the risk of no further business from Qatar. They really tend to take things personally in that region of the world.

  4. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    I am surprised that CargoLux would want to be dragged into the dirty games of ONE of it’s directors and its 30% shareholder.

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