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  1. FriendlySkies
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    I’m somewhat surprised that DEN-HNL is now a BusinessFirst market, but ORD-HNL is still a UDU market.. Any thoughts on that?

  2. FriendlySkies
    FriendlySkies at |

    I suppose I’m more surprised that they didn’t put the premium aircraft on ORD-HNL, while keeping the domestic product on DEN-HNL. If it was on ORD-HNL, I would think that they could pick up premium pax coming from Europe.

  3. Josh
    Josh at |

    while not happy with the lower RDM bonus for Golds and Plats, it’s completely understandable. Also, Plats lost the M-up.

    Also on board with the 4 paid flights/year – no different than BA.

    But quite peeved at Silvers getting completely shafted. While I’ve made Gold for next year, I likely will not repeat the following year. I’m a student, and all the travel is on my own dime. I rely on both bags, and that’s a major loss. As for loss of E+ until booking, that is very annoying, because even though other airlines don’t have E+, I can at least choose to sit in the front. Now, I’m stuck in the back of the plane until OLCI, and good chance there will be no E+ on many of my flights by the time OLCI opens. I’d rather get the bag and E+ back, and lose carpet boarding or elite check-in.

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