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  1. Nybanker
    Nybanker at |

    Tatl traffic to lhr from JFK is going DOWN 20% for all cabins! That is great news.

    These changes are bad for someone looking to fly yyz-hkg on BA points, but pretty good for many (most?) people.

  2. Nybanker
    Nybanker at |

    Thanks for taking a more balanced view of things in your posts. A number of posters are focused on what certainly must be a small percentage of ba’s overall redemptions.

    Re Avios, as BA is really BA+IB, they needed to pick a word that was pronounceable in both home countries – and offensive in hopefully no countries. Branding is getting tougher and tougher!

  3. Dave
    Dave at |

    I’ll probably count myself as a loser on this one. Living in Boston with 120k-ish BA miles from the Chase BA card and an MR transfer w/bonus. May need to quickly plan an AA trip to LatAm.

  4. eds183
    eds183 at |

    It sounds like the new chart will be distance based instead of region based for single airline redemptions. Until we see what the distance numbers are going to be for US-Asia/South America, I am not going to get too excited.

  5. phil
    phil at |

    Seth – saying that awards are going up to 2x – 3x is unfair given at this point we have not seen the chart. Let’s at least wait and see how it comes out.

  6. eds183
    eds183 at |

    Well most people knew that giving that 100% accrual all fares on AA and BA flights was going to cause some changes somewhere.

    If the milage based changes are as bad as you suspect, then the value of MR point keeps going down.

  7. Matt
    Matt at |

    So my ~26k Executive Club points can no longer be used for a saver domestic ticket on AA?

  8. Gary
    Gary at |

    “points expiry extending to 36 months after the last activity rather than 24 months as currently.”

    Actually it’s currently 36 months, and has been so for awhile.


    “. If a Member has not earned or redeemed Mileage or purchased or transferred Mileage in accordance with the appropriate Conditions of Use for 36 consecutive months, all Mileage that has accrued to that date will expire.”

  9. Barry
    Barry at |

    For me, it’s all about “don’t P*ss in my ear and tell me it’s raining”.

    Just like the Zimbabwe bank printing money causes bread ot cost astronomically more, the same thing goes for airline miles. Astronomical amount of mile printing going on.

    Raise the redemption rates? Fine, just give me some notice.

    Tell me it’s a good thing and release information selectively, well, that’s not good if you know of bad stuff but aren’t telling me. And waiting a couple months to tell us (per the BA rep’s response to the points guy) is BS.

  10. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    What Barry said.

    Guess Chase might see quite a few people drop their BA cards going forward. I know my household will cancel two (too bad we just paid the increased annual fee upon renewal).

    Time to go flight shopping.

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