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  1. Brian
    Brian at |

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jim
    Jim at |

    Really great photos (especially the “tile” one) …. Many people put a lot of effort into the current restoration …. if you think its nice now, wait till we finish!

    Thank you for the positive review.

  3. David Abbey
    David Abbey at |

    I very much enjoyed your thorough article and review of the TWA Flight Center @ JFK. I was there as well but my pics aren’t even worth looking at after seeing yours. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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  5. joan abbey
    joan abbey at |

    I’m David’s mother. He was so excited about seeing the TWA flight Center as he’s a real airplane buff and he had a great visit. Thanks for your wonderful photos and great commentary. I hope I can see the terminal one day. I remember flying from it many times.

  6. aadvantagegeek
    aadvantagegeek at |

    What a great way to spend the day. Thanks for sharing your awesome photos!

  7. Michael W
    Michael W at |

    I wanted to check out the TWA Center yesterday but couldn’t make it. Thanks for sharing your pics with us!

  8. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    As a TWA pilot, I fondly remember working out of this beautiful building. I wish they would have been able to include a photo of the bird-like (Eagle?) quality of the external shape of the structure. It truly is a work of art.

    I flew for TWA from 1989 to 2001 when AA purchased TWA. I was a pilot flying L-1011s out of this terminal to Europe and the Middle East.

    I’ll cherish those memories always.


  9. Nathan Greene
    Nathan Greene at |

    Great photos and comments! Brings back many great memories from my 1966 to 1992 Pilot career with TWA!
    I was NY based for 6 yrs and flew from this terminal numerous times.

  10. unavaca
    unavaca at |

    I wish I had heard about this earlier! I would have loved to come up and view the terminal; I love the 60s architecture.

  11. Rodger
    Rodger at |

    I was there for the groundbreaking. TWA had moved from its area near gates 8/9 in the temporary terminal to the area recently vacated by Eastern near gates 14/21, refered to then as the “hook area”. We upgraded and utilized Easterns counter and hold room. The Flight Center was built just to the left of that area facing the roadway. The tin sheep runs were upgraded and referred to as “urban renewal” while the Flight Center was abuilding. When the gates in Flight Wing 2 became operational we would guide the passengers from the hold room in the temporary terminal through the unclompleted terminal in the Flight Center and out the “tube” to gates 8 through 15. When the Flight Center was complete the old areas, including “urban renewal” were razed. After the last flights of the day the jetways had to be extended to their full length to expedite cleaning. There were often “Jetway” races with an agent in the front jetway racing the agent in the rear jetway to see who could get to the fully extended limit first. The jolt when the limit switch was hit at full speed was quite jarring.

  12. Maria A Alfonso
    Maria A Alfonso at |

    Great pictures, wonderful memories. I will never forget my first trip on TWA out of that wonderful terminal, or the view through those beautiful windows on the sunken seating area through which I saw a 747 (TWA) taking off for the first time. And years later, as an airline employee at JFK, I will never forget the wonderful times and great food at the TWA employee cafeteria… LOL…
    Thanks for the memories!

  13. Joan
    Joan at |

    Thanks for sharing the great pictures. Brings back many fond memories. Wish I could have been there.

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