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  1. Scott
    Scott at |

    “No need to even collect the box at the other end.”

    How lame and what a waste of resources. Wish I could put a :rolleyes: emoticon in here.

  2. Gene
    Gene at |

    The FedEx box is a brilliant idea, Seth!

  3. Scott
    Scott at |

    So just a little bit of waste is ok then for a whopping 500 miles? Also, what about dude working the baggage claim desk that is going to have to try to track you down when your box goes uncollected?

  4. Gene
    Gene at |

    @Scott — This will reduce unemployment by creating baggage jobs at American.

  5. Ted
    Ted at |

    Hmm, I’m a PLT flying out tomorrow and I didn’t get the memo, nor do I see this linked on AA’s site. Let’s see if non-targeted elites can get the miles.

  6. Lark
    Lark at |

    ‘No need to even collect the box at the other end.’

    I share others concerns with this half baked idea…

    Have you ever been in an airpot when it was evacuated due to a ‘suspicious package’?

    Just take a suitcase with you!

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  8. Watdafoc
    Watdafoc at |

    Seth, don’t be a dumbass and try to compare wasted resources on ordering shit. When people order shit to get miles, there is actually tangible value. Money is given for goods.

    Your idea on checking an empty box is stupid. I’m done reading this blog.