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  1. Gabe
    Gabe at |

    Hmmm….If no one is flying then why aren’t there low demand awards available?

  2. nulle
    nulle at |

    amending to what Seth said “SkyPeso don’t exist to actually offer up int’l aard seats at the low level on the routes you need”

  3. NYBanker
    NYBanker at |

    DL also picked up ORD-CDG from AF not too long ago.

  4. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    So a few years ago after the NWA merger Delta was all gung-ho about going international, with hubs in Africa and all that. What’s left of that?

  5. Richard
    Richard at |

    No one can afford monopoly transit prices except business people who don’t have to pay!

    Inflationary prices benefit monopoly companies including airlines but it’s the general public that is exploited.

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