First peek inside the new Continental 767 BusinessFirst cabin

Thanks to the help of Cbmaz from FlyerTalk some photos of the new 767 interior are now available. This is the first plane from Continental that has a proper Economy Plus cabin and the new flat BusinessFirst seats as well.

<strong></strong> E+ cabin


As you can see from the photos they have maintained the 2-1-2 arrangement in the forward cabin, with the single seat angled just slightly to allow for the foot cubby-hole under the storage tower in the seat in front.

The economy seats actually look different than any of the other Continental seats I’ve seen. No idea if they are a new brand or not, or if they are particularly comfortable, but they definitely look different than the others I’ve seen on Continental flights.

Also of interest is that they have removed a couple lavs from the the plane to add four more BusinessFirst seats to the cabin. They also added seats in the coach cabin, even with the refit and adding E+ into the mix. The only minor downgrade is that the regular economy seats went from 32" to 31" pitch.

Looking forward to flying on these in hopefully the near future.

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Seth Miller

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    1. The 764s are currently used on LatAm and Europe runs, Carl. On rare occasions they’ll also show up in HNL but those flights are mostly the 76H version that is not getting the new flat beds. The first couple flights are IAH-GIG and back this week so there is plenty of downtime to make sure things are working OK. When the 763 ghetto-birds get converted they might show back up in HNL but only time will tell.

      The seat map shows 7 lavs still, I believe, so not a huge problem there. I think a closet was also removed and the jump seats were rearranged to also help optimize the space.

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