Ramada gets lost in California

Yesterday morning I found myself in need of a hotel in or near Burbank, California. No big deal, right? I did my typical search across a few different sites (ended up booking via hotels.com because I was redeeming my Welcome Rewards points) and found a room at the Ramada by the airport that was the right price and got decent enough reviews (though mine won’t be so glowing, I expect). Once I had that as a basis for my price comparisons I did what I normally do next – check the page of the hotel operator to see if they’ve got a better deal or a best rate guarantee I can take advantage of. And that’s where they lost me.

Perhaps more appropriately I should say that Ramada lost Burbank. Typing Burbank, California into their search engine returned the following map results:


Apparently we’re moving Burbank 300 miles northwest this weekend. Go figure.

Not the first random hotel booking site that I’ve found cannot get geography and I got around it (searched for Los Angeles and scrolled up the map to Burbank) but pretty impressive that they can fail so badly.

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Seth Miller

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  1. I got Google to move Mt. Whitney recently and I’ll bet you get Ramada to move Burbank back to southern California before too long.

    I personally understand the desire to be located more northerly in California.

    Maps shouldn’t have those feelings.

    1. Thanks for bursting my bubble with a real answer, Corey. I guess that makes sense enough, though it was certainly confusing for me when I went searching for a hotel.

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