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  1. Jordan
    Jordan at |

    Yes, I have noticed this as well. The transfer of Mileage Plus miles to One Pass has been a savior. I just booked award flights from Richmond to Bangkok this spring on United and ANA but had to do it through Continental reservations as United showed absolutely no availability. Continental was showing plenty of award seats with several different booking options. I don’t understand why the two are doing this.

  2. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    “And United has never claimed that they stopped the practice”

    But didn’t the new United state at one point that they’d not restrict awards like the old United? Or is that just wishful thinking?

  3. Gary
    Gary at |

    @Oliver **Continental** said that they wouldn’t restrict award availability like United did. There hasn’t been any recent public comment on this issue, but it also hasn’t BEEN an issue. I do think it’s an open question whether it’s blocking or an IT issue. Would love to see verifiable specific examples to work from and diagnose.

  4. Explore
    Explore at |

    Reason #2 to hedge your bets by building a stash in Dividend Miles. Reason #1 is lower redemption requirements.

  5. eLone
    eLone at |

    An infuriating predicament if you ask me. Blocking just to block borders on disingenuous.

  6. SW
    SW at |

    I had multiple occasions of US Airways blocking LH F and C seats on trans-Atlantic flights to both MUC and FRA as well as LX flight to ZRH and beyond ZRH to Asia as well. This seems to be new at US but it doesn’t seem to be any safer over there either.

  7. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Yup, I have had US agents claiming to not see LH C/F when I could book on continental.com (and did).