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  1. Steven
    Steven at |

    We ran into some similar :rolleyes: with both hotels and rental cars in Namibia recently.

  2. AJ
    AJ at |


    Sorry to hear the trouble you are going through. I’d recommend you use an indian consolidator like cleartrip.com who has a better hang of the inventory and local circumstances. Hotels.com has ditched me in three countries, so I don’t trust them anymore :(. Or drop me a line if I could help you. Best, AJ

  3. Reader
    Reader at |


    What hotel/s in Namibia?

  4. Erik L
    Erik L at |

    The same happened to me when booing a hotel in Glasgow last year. Booking confirmed but later retracted. Hotels.com rebooked me at a much more expensive – albeit less convenient – hotel and gave me a 100 USD voucher as compensation.

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