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  1. Darren
    Darren at |

    I’ll go on record and predict United won’t match.

  2. Carl
    Carl at |

    January is generally a low travel month, and most people alreaady have their holiday travel, so any additional demand either will be at low demand times, or at high fares. The question is how much will this generate incremental demand vs. just give out additional elite status without generating much new revenue.

  3. Mgd
    Mgd at |

    we’re already half way into dec, so incremental mileage runs become dec 31 is very limited because most people have made travel arrangements already. And jan is usually too early to do mileage runs since most people wont know how far/close to a status tier they are unless they have the whole 2012 mapped out.

    My guess ? It’ll bump a few pax up the tiers and dilute it for the rest of them, but only among those already loyal to AA.