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    Many, many years ago, I used to commute regularly between LHR and EDI. BA had a very expensive and crowded service, with no food and limited refreshments and that was it. Along came British Midland, now BMI. They served a full breakfast on the way up and cocktails, a full dinner and after dinner coffee and drinks on the way back. Check in was 20 minutes, or 10 at the gate. It was heaven, and fares were lower. Then BA retaliated with a similar offering (having always maintained that the flights were too short to do it). Slowly, they drove BMI from the route (hastened by EasyJet). Now, BA’s fares are high and the “service” has reverted to what it was before.

    Competition is a wonderful thing. No competition is always bad news from the consumer, whether the consumer wants better service or lower fares, let alone both.

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