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  1. infamousdx
    infamousdx at |

    After taking a closer look at the first pic (since it’s higher res), these seem to be very very good renderings. That’s just a guess though. Coach looks horrendously tight.

  2. purplnurpl
    purplnurpl at |

    They are renderings.

    Take a look at the reflection in the coach LCDs.

  3. glu800
    glu800 at |

    Those are most definitely renderings, not real pictures of the cabins. Yikes, 3-4-3 on a 777? That’s going to be uncomfortable!

  4. The Travel Abstract
    The Travel Abstract at |

    I like the 1st class. But what is up with the colors? They cant get some red/white/blue action? It looks so uninviting and generic. I’m not saying they have to go all TG purple seats and all but something different would be cool.

  5. Carl
    Carl at |

    American Airlines won’t emerge from bankruptcy in its present form anyway. The creditors are the owners of the company now and the court process is supposed to generate the highest value for them – and the highest value is unlikely to be the #3 U.S. ailine with its 5 cornerstone cities and worldwide service. I think we’ll see a pretty different outcome, whether it’s led by a private equity firm or by US Air or Delta.

  6. Mark
    Mark at |

    The layout pictured could easily be 2-5-2, which I think is pretty standard on a 777 (and is less cramped than the 3-4-3 seating)

  7. Mike S
    Mike S at |

    NZ has gone with the disliked 3-4-3 seating in Y for their new 777-300’s and feedback has been poor – maybe AA should listen?

  8. FrequentMiler
    FrequentMiler at |

    Are you sure they aren’t showing a special cabin for legless customers?

  9. Golfingboy
    Golfingboy at |

    I agree with you about the Y seats. AA has made many positive strides for their Y seats, but putting 10 abreast is going to negate all of their positive strides, since the seat comfort is the very first thing a customer will think about first. When the first thought is pretty negative, then it is pretty hard to turn their overall opinion from a negative one to a positive one.

    AA should go 3-3-3 in Y. Also, I am a little worried about the headrest. I hope they come up with a more plushy headrest [hint: similar to the ones AS uses in Y] that is not flat or matches the seat vertically. Our heads in a relaxed sitting position is usually positioned more forward than our backs.

  10. Mark
    Mark at |

    Having used the GRU-DFW route many tunes over, I couldn’t be happier with the news of new metal on the route. I has usually been junk! The last to receive any kind of upgrades.

    With the new directive from Obama about visas and the World Cup / Olympics coming up, it is easy to forsee a big increase in demand.

  11. Mark H
    Mark H at |

    RE: GRU-DFW route.

    At the moment, the Brazilians will pay. Oh, yes, they’re going gangbusters down there, and they’ll pay.

  12. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    I love it how airlines in the US are always trying to keep up with airlines from Asia. I mean, nice try American, with using the same business class seats as Cathay Pacific, but, seriously, you’ll never come close- not even a scratch- to their service; the people/amenities on the ground, the food in the air, or the quality of the flight attendants. I think the search by airlines in the US to be as good as airlines in Asia is hopeless. Agree?

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