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  1. Scott
    Scott at |

    You mentioned, ” tight, charter seating configuration with minimal amenities.” What is the typical charter seat configuration and why would there be minimal amenities? Thanks.

  2. ajay
    ajay at |

    Scott – have you ever flown a charter flight? Not one for professional baseball teams, but ones to Jamaica/Caribbean?

    Don’t expect legroom.

  3. Scott
    Scott at |

    No…that’s why I’m asking.

  4. Kevincm
    Kevincm at |

    If we’re going on the lines of charter et al, I’d expect an old plane, 30″-31″ seat pitch for long haul. Although charters can REALLY squeeze if they need to and shrink legroom further.

    An odd route, but running into STN doesn’t surprise me. The stopover at RFD is an intresting if logical play too (quieter to process international pax, and probably one of the few commerical flights that day with Frontier and another charter outfit).

  5. Matt
    Matt at |

    This is nuts.

  6. Golfingboy
    Golfingboy at |

    Definitely a good flight to put the $200 AMEX Platinum travel incidentals credit to use to help pass the time with MOAR! :p

  7. GUWonder
    GUWonder at |

    So what subsidy is the airline going to get from the RFD area to operate these flights? RFD has been playing this kind of game before, so not sure why it still wouldn’t be in play in one form or another.