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  1. Mike
    Mike at |

    That doesnt look like 3g speeds

  2. James Pole
    James Pole at |

    I generally get around 100-200ms on my 3G connection so the 782-1556ms actually pretty horrid compared to a 3G connection. But it’s still pretty awesome that we can use the internet in the air! 🙂

  3. Abhi
    Abhi at |


    I think what you used was their introductory MOBILE package. which is $7.50 for 5mb, $15 for 25mb.

    Their LAPTOP packages are $15 for 25MB and $25 for 100mb. (I flew with them last week. Maybe they are still rolling it out.)

    While not cheap, these rates are pretty good. Remember the time when mobile phone calls used to cost a small fortune? It will get cheaper as other airlines get on with it, and competition makes it go down. And then the quality will suffer, so new tech might need to be developed. And before you know it, it would be common to use the internet in the air. 🙂

  4. ANON
    ANON at |

    If you use a user agent changer in Firefox or Chrome, you can get the mobile prices on a laptop. Safari has this built in.

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