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  1. NYBanker
    NYBanker at |

    “this looks pretty pathetic” What did you expect at an airport with a perimeter limitation? 😉

  2. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    LGA has a perimeter rule, too. That didn’t stop Delta from setting up service to larger cities that would seem to be useful to more passengers than adding three cities in the Florida panhandle that are so close, for example.

    And US is going to be pretty dependent on O/D traffic I’d think sinc I’m guessing that ISP-TLH doesn’t have that many daily through pax (and I have no idea if the schedule would even work).

  3. Miriam
    Miriam at |

    Actually, I imagine that the Florida destinations are tied to government travel. PNS, for example, has a large naval air station.

    Jacksonville is not a completely new destination from DCA. I’ve flown that route – and I think it was on US – when going to St. Augustine for a weekend and it was also military heavy.

  4. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    “I’ve gotta say, comparing this map and the one Delta put together for their LaGuardia service, that this looks pretty pathetic.”

    Of course it does! Delta’s map showed the addition of over 100 daily flights…US has only announced 22 additional daily flights from DCA. Delta got almost four times the slot pairs that US did, so of course their map is going to go to more cities and look better than this…

  5. Miriam
    Miriam at |

    Ah, actually they are talking about Jacksonville, NC. JAX has (and will continue to have) 6 flights a day.

  6. CP@YOW
    CP@YOW at |

    It’s interesting that YOW (and also BGR) will benefit from the slot swap both with new DL service to LGA and new US service to DCA. Speaking as a YOW flyer, sadly there is a revenue premium for the airlines here and I hope that the extra competition helps us.

  7. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    It appears that with many cities, they are going for routes with no competition that have the potential for a lot of higher fare government travel (either due to military travel between DC and the bases you mentioned above or due to state capitol traffic).

    I think it’s also worth mentioning that I’m not sure how much excess capacity US has right now with it’s mainline/larger RJ fleet, as I think utilization is pretty high. Perhaps that’s part of the reason they chose to stick with smaller cities, since CRJ’s are what they have available.

    Also, which larger markets within the perimeter should they have flown to? US already flies to most decent sized markets from DCA already, so in terms of new larger markets, what would you expect to see? The only two large holes I see from DCA are ATL and ORD; as a traveler, I’d love to see some competition with DL/UA on those two routes to drive down the fare price, but that’s probably exactly why US is staying away. What other large markets are they missing from DCA right now?

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