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  1. Cook
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    In the end, the really sad part is that those bought or award tickets on Virgin’s metal won’t be available. While United/Contential remains a “Legacy/Flag” carrier, Virgin’s LCC product to the UK remains a far superior product. Of course United terminated the deal! When an otherwise United passenger can get the same flight on Virgin – for dollars or for miles, they opt for Virgin! No homework necessary here. Even as a LCC, Virgin offers a far better product to the UK than does United. Again, whether it is hard dollars or earned miles, most folks with the option chose Virgin simply becasue United’s basic product is so [fill in word of choice]. They got tired of paying Virgin for interline carriage that they should have been delivering on their own metal. Sadly, United and the other US legacy/flag carrier just don’t get it. Their international products are not even close to those offered by most foreign carriers. They have an absolute lock on domestic service and they offer a little a possible. When they treat long-haul international routes as long ‘domestic’ flights, those hefty dollars flow to the foreign carriers and easily. Most international frequent flyers have standing orders with their bookers to avoid US flags without specific approval. At the international level it is not about cost. It is about service. Sadly, the US flaggers just don’t get it.

  2. Scottrick
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    At least it wasn’t effective immediately. I think we all knew it was coming for a month or two. (Well, those of us who follow this stuff.) I’m thinking right now whether I should redeem some miles for Upper Class to LHR while I still can.

  3. ALCO
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    If you have Amex MR points to dump, Hawaiian Airlines offers good redemption value on certain VS routes. 140,000 miles will take you from the mainland U.S. to anywhere VS flies in Upper Class. That’s a pretty decent value for LAX to CPT, HKG or SYD (the long way round).

  4. Flyer
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    I could be wrong, but I think Cook may be comparing Y products. Glad to see American adding free beer and wine because you need it to stand the Y product of most domestic carriers.