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  1. Mackieman
    Mackieman at |

    Good stuff. ^^

  2. Brian Desmond
    Brian Desmond at |

    It would be neat if you could extend the UA SWU page with the Google mash-up such that the airport links filtered the map versus just loading the fare grid.

  3. mike
    mike at |

    for the Good Deals..How do I book them? What are the dates that it reports back?

  4. Mackieman
    Mackieman at |

    Also, is it possible do some aliasing? Flights to IAH are reporting as HOU and flights to MCI are reporting as MKC. I’m assuming that the data you’re collecting is using city codes instead of airport codes when the search is done.

  5. kyunbit
    kyunbit at |

    Great effort Seth

  6. Scott
    Scott at |

    Cool, thanks! I like the Lowest Published fares link and the other fare and inventory searches available, but wanted to see if you could add a feature to exclude an airline from the results. For example, show all airlines except NK, etc.


  7. Michael
    Michael at |

    Great stuff as always! One suggested enhancement. If you could add columns for the LOWEST available fare and the DIFFERENCE between the SWU-able and lowest fares, that would be an interesting comparison (i.e., if I knew that I was only paying $100 more to go up to a W fare, I might take it, whereas if the difference were $500, I might just forego use of the SWU).

  8. oleg
    oleg at |

    Have you looked at possibly making a farecompare flyertalk page equivalent? Not sure you update fares as frequently as they do – but still much value.

  9. Tom
    Tom at |

    Great job 🙂 One question, for those living outside of the US (NRT hint hint), would it be possible to search :from: NRT, KIX etc, to the US?

  10. Susan
    Susan at |

    Super stuff Seth!

  11. Brian Desmond
    Brian Desmond at |

    Essentially I’d like to be able to do the filtering by origin/destination or max-price on the map page versus having to troll through the tabular output.

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