Updates to the Starwood 2012 award categories announced

Like they do every year, Starwood has assessed the award category rating of their hotels and made changes to a number of the properties. A total of 658 properties are changing their award level. Of those, 287 will be at a lower rate while 371 are seeing their award level increase.

A quick scan through the list doesn’t reveal too many surprises, though there are some interesting trends in the numbers. Nearly every property in New York City is moving up a level, for example. This trend covers everything from the Aloft in Harlem (3->4) to three of the Four Points properties becoming Category 5 hotels and Ws becoming Category 6. Across the river in New Jersey doesn’t find you much salvation; those properties are increasing a category, too.

China is also seeing significant appreciation in award costs with 58 properties increasing one level while 16 are decreasing. Thailand goes the other direction with several properties becoming cheaper while only one gets a bump up.

Nothing particularly shocking or egregious in my initial scan of the list, though I’m sure I’ll be informed of something I missed as folks scour it more closely. Check out the list here (PDF).

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Seth Miller

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  1. Did you note the Princess K in Honolulu becoming a Category 5? This is the same Cat as the Westin Moana which is across the street on the beach – I cannot imagine anyone paying Cash/Points for the “PK” over the Moana….

    1. I knew I was forgetting something when I clicked the “post” button. 😮

      That property in Hawaii barely rates a Category 3 level, much less a Category 5 rating. It simply isn’t very nice. I pity the folks who redeem there. The only time it makes sense is if you can get it on the VERY cheap in cash. I think I paid $89 last time I stayed there and that was pushing what I’d say was reasonable for the property.

      Thanks for catching that one!

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