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  1. Corey
    Corey at |

    Would you prefer these tight but lay flat seats over LH angled business product?

  2. Carl
    Carl at |

    The arrivals service in BRU was a bit of a clusterf%*&

    But the rest of your experience really sounds like a pretty average business class flight on a U.S. carrier. In fact, about as good as you are likely to get. A lie-flat bed. On-time flight. Passable food and service. When I get that combination I consider myself lucky.

    If that’s your definition of mediocre, then most of my flights are mediocre.

    Or are you mainly saying “It’s not Continental”? Well it was CO’s lounge, and there’s no real reason why management couldn’t have fixed arrival’s policies and even aligned catering quality by now – in fact the meal was almost certainly prepared by Chelsea as I think I had the same entree on my EWR-SEA flight on Friday! But my ice cream came with sundae toppings.

  3. Steven
    Steven at |

    It really sucks that they have drug their feet for so long on aligning catering and on-board service procedures. I’m still optimistic that it’s coming, and that the service will look more like CO’s BusinessFirst than UA’s Business once everything is fully merged.

    The real disappointment is that this is taking so long. I flew AMS-MEM on a NW-operated flight well before the single operating certificate was obtained, and the service was completely DL, not NW, despite being on a NW operated and crewed flight.

    A lot of the complaints that UA is getting from customers could be avoided by getting some of this stuff coordinated between the two subsidiaries, even if they don’t have fully integrated contracts and work groups yet.

  4. Carl
    Carl at |

    PS Was the BRU arrivals service affected by the fact that you’d used an upgrade? My recollection is that pmUA only gave arrivals service to paid business passengers, not upgrades, while pmCO gave them to everyone. Seems like with marketing everything as UA now and the single PSS, those policies ought to be aligned.

  5. Josh
    Josh at |

    I personally felt the seats weren’t too narrow, though I did feel the narrowness in bed mode. What was cramped was the overall area. I felt like I was “fighting” my seatmate for the armrest. I felt everything encroached in that sense.
    But I found the actual physical seat to be a bit more comfortable than the BF seat.
    Missed CO BF food though, both in UA C and UA F.

  6. eightblack
    eightblack at |

    Yep, it all sounds like standard UA Business Class. I only care about sleeping and as far as that part goes, I find the new seat very good. I think UA’s onboard catering is very, very average and their onboard service can be hit and miss, although flying between SIN-NRT-West Coast tends to be better as they are often Asian based crews, and the catering ex NRT is very very good.

  7. Alan
    Alan at |

    you apply the SWU online?

  8. Business Class
    Business Class at |

    the short rib looked amazing. I agree it looks like it needed more sauce. If you would judge on the size of the roast what would you compare it too? I love the frost on the plane window.

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