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  1. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Maybe the pilot was a former Cathay Pacific pilot. My two most memorable hard landings were both with Cathay Pacific.

  2. NYBanker
    NYBanker at |

    I flew this route back when it was two class. (I was in J.) While certainly a long flight, SQ does it well…and it sure beats connecting. The flight goes over the pacific coming home to EWR.

  3. Steve
    Steve at |

    I did this route twice in 2011. It is a long flight, but a great way to go. Didn’t really enjoy the SAS lounge that much. I would use the Delta lounge and switch to SAS near flight time. I never had any hard landings, and always booked my hotel so I could check in at 6 am. On one of my returns I was stranded at EWR due to snow for 2 days. That wasn’t fun.

  4. JohnM
    JohnM at |

    Traveling with @thepointsguy?

  5. Eugene
    Eugene at |

    I did this flight on Tuesday night using US miles to go all the way to Melbourne for 110K miles round trip. It took 18 hours and 30 minutes and we had a very smooth landing. I did book the cook and had the sea bass which was great. I had the udon noodles twice during the flight. First time the noodles were a little under cooked but the beef was very good and over all still pretty good. I ordered it again a few hours later because I was hungry again and wasn’t interested in other snack options and this time it was more like what you describe, a bit under heated but again I still enjoyed it.

    IFE is great but I like CX better due to a much larger selection. For someone that flies a lot and watches a lot of tv/movies you can run out of things to watch quickly. I don’t understand why airlines can’t upgrade their offerings, I mean all it would mean is larger hard drives to hold more movies/shows. In fact my SIN-MEL flight which I assumed would have the same IFE options was actually limited version of what was on EWR-SIN and I was unable to finish watching the last few episodes of the tv show Boss that I started on the EWR-SIN flight which since SIN-MEL flight only had 2 episodes available.

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  8. Chris
    Chris at |

    Does the airline provide the RCA and iPod cables needed to hook up your own device into their entertainment system? Or are we expected to bring our own wires/cables on board?

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