Singapore long-haul premium cabin awards: They really do exist!

The rumors of loosened award availability on long-haul, premium cabin Singapore appear to be quite true. Long limited to only the exorbitant rates and only for the carrier’s own KrisFlyer members, things change as of March first. The seats – except for First Class Suites on the A380s – are available for redemption at saver levels now within the KrisFlyer program. Even more spectacular, however, is that they are available to partners, too.


Even better, it actually is bookable!


Excepting the minor error on the meal service designation, this is a beautiful sight to see.

I’m not sure I’ll actually be able to make the trip, but it is nice to see that the award inventory is out there and that it is bookable for partners. Also, this is the same inventory bucket that is used for upgrade awards, so that’s another nice option that should be available.

Oh, and if searching on the new site be wary of connecting itineraries showing premium cabin seats. Mixed-cabin itineraries are showing the higher booking level and no warnings even if one of the flights is in a lower cabin.

Happy flying!

Hat tip to Hartmann for noticing the glory that is these awards online.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Nice to see!!! How many seats? No worries about getting wrong class on the ewr-sin flight!

  2. Here’s an important question that I’m not masochistic enough to find out. Will US agents see SQ inventory so SFO-ICN can be booked for 90K round trip?

  3. Just playing around with it since Singapore is on my bucket list, I found at least one instance where there is the appearance of an A380 First Saver award….

  4. I attempted to book F award travel on SQ via the new In every instance which showed at least one F leg on SQ’s A380 or 777-300, it turned out that in the final confirmation screen the offering was economy…yes, not even C. The other leg was always F. Thanks, but no thanks. I am not interested in F awards to fly Y.

  5. Seth, is the C appearing on UA website real. I saw it too, but was also seeing tons of F availability on LH, F on SA. I suspect it was a glitch with the transition. Tried to follow through and was told that were not available. My guess is that there were phantoms. Not looked back in since Sat though.

    1. Yes, Levi Flight, the inventory is real. That second screen shot is from my confirmed booking. I’m not sure if I can make the trip or not, but I’ve got a seat booked on EWR-SIN. Anything you see that is SA F is not real as they don’t offer that product anymore. But the other stuff should be.

      JimInSIN: Yes, there are issues with connecting itineraries where it isn’t always C or F for all segments. Before the migration they had a warning on the search results screen and showed which segments were which I hope and expect will come back soon. In the meantime, limit searches to non-stop routes and be careful with the results.

  6. Thank you. Well this is very cool. I have been wanting to spend my mile on high end carriers. Spent Saturday dreaming about a trip SFO-KTM, DEN-CPT, CPT-EZE, then some route back home with a stop off. Was seeing lots of premium seats. Time to travel, it’s been 2 weeks.

  7. I looked at a lot of flights, and with the exception of EWR-SIN, I couldn’t find a single flight where the list showed F/C availability with actual F/C availability once getting to the checkout page.

  8. I’m wondering if this was a short term ‘glitch’ when SQ changed their Award rates in March? I don’t see any long haul awards through SQ any more. Seth, have you had luck recently?

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