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  1. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    A couple days ago I was inquiring about standing by on an earlier flight (1p->7:47a), and I talked to three CSRs, all who thought there was a $75 charge for Golds. On the 3rd, After telling her like 3 times I know it’s free for golds, she still didn’t believe me, but the agent next to her said he thought golds got it for free. He called someone and confirmed that, one minute later I had a ticket for the flight. That experience made me wonder how many Golds paid that fee without knowing they get to standby for free.

  2. Scott
    Scott at |

    The email was insulting, and further proof this company is completely out of touch with reality. Upgrades aren’t fixed, his non-status friend was offered a buy-up to C on an award ticket for $250 less than he was, and when you figure in baggage charges for 2 bags it was $54 to upgrade to C for a lie flat bed, not to mention $7 for 1 drink and $10 for food, that’s a $37 buy up for a GM compared to $369 for a 1K.

    They are in denial or hope we are too stupid to realize the system was not ready and is still not ready and they cannot come to terms with it to admit it.

  3. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    the old emails I used to get from united airlines always had “Dear Andrew….”. It seems like they don’t care anymore about personality !
    I understand that a ticketing agent at an airport recently said that the continental shares system is a 1968 version of DOS. The co system may have been cheaper to use but I think looking back the apollo system was probably the better system to use . at an airport gate recently I was told by a united gate agent that the continental shares system is not particularly user friendly toward premier reservations
    . One I would think that they would have seen these problems ahead of time …and where is MR. jeff smizik in all of this…. notice on the airline website, the last press release was about hispanic journalists on march 15th. The old UA would have released more press information about the continuing computer system integration issues !

  4. James
    James at |

    More like a single POS platform. OH BURN!

  5. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    Why wouldn’t you want to see your comp upgrade go from pending to waitlisted once you reach your upgrade window? Much more transparent than reservations magically going to R.

  6. Levi Flight
    Levi Flight at |

    The poblems with the transition suggest a lack of due diligence before hand. I imagine the tech folks could see this coming. I suspect that there was institutional (top down) unwillingness to recognize the costs of doing a proper job of a transition. Fingers crossed, lets wing it and put it of problem fixing until the next quarter. I can hear the mileage plus can being kicked down that bumpy road.

  7. Mark
    Mark at |

    No email for the ‘squeezed middle’ better known as 1Ks. Tends to suggest the suspicion that UACO is no longer interested in us is true.
    For the first time in 20 years I won’t fly 100,000 with them.

  8. Adam S
    Adam S at |

    Mark – I got substantially the same email as a 1K.

  9. Rick
    Rick at |

    What did you do to become GS? I have heard mixed things. Thanks for the blog.

  10. NB
    NB at |

    As a 1K, I never got an email at all. I’m feeling the love.

  11. Tim
    Tim at |

    As a 1K I got the email too.

    The two people that signed off on the email can be searched via Google and LinkedIn.

    I encourage everyone to go to their LinkedIn profile and “InMail” them and send polite, SHORT to the point emails with your concerns. Keep them SHORT! Nothing says “delete & ignore” like a page long email.

    Jeff Foland
    Executive Vice President
    Mileage Plus

    Martin Hand
    Senior Vice President
    Customer Experience

  12. Mariah
    Mariah at |

    Let’s not mention that Group Tickets are still horrible. 3 hours on hold to tell me that, not only can they not apply the $100/seat deposit to the ticket price because it was pre-merger, but I should call back in 4 weeks if they haven’t processed my refund.