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  1. James
    James at |

    That’s sad. Somehow my wife and me have yet to have a trip ruined or significantly impacted by weather. It’ll happen to us sooner or later though

  2. Asen
    Asen at |

    Oregon weather is very predictable. Its always foggy 🙂

  3. Julian
    Julian at |

    I did a MR in the opposite direction last weekend, and enjoyed the nice weather and great food in NYC.

  4. Stephan
    Stephan at |

    Hey, you gotta go with the flow…that’s part of living on the west coast in winter!My wife an I have been there several times – once the fog was so thick in September that you couldn’t see 50 feet in any direction – real London pea soup stuff.

  5. Laura
    Laura at |

    That is what we Oregonians want the rest of the world to think about where we live. Notice how few people you saw everywhere. (and why there are so many great brewpubs, bookstores and coffee houses around). Next time give us a heads up and we can give you some pointers Seth.

  6. Cook
    Cook at |

    Good Heavens! Did you bother to inquire about seasonal weather patterns before booking your trip? What were you expecting, a cooler version of Los Angeles. What you describe is not strange or abnormal for late February – it is expected. As Seth notes, next time ask around a bit before you come. If the weather is perfect – (it DOES happen), great. If not, someone(s) will suggest fun things to do without weather considerations. Experienced roadies ought to know better.

  7. Ozaer N.
    Ozaer N. at |

    Seth—thats exactly why people go to the Oregon Coast for–the dismal, cold, gray skies…its perfect for getting a rental on the beach..making a fire…and having some chowder at Mo’s.

  8. Drew
    Drew at |

    Looking up weather patterns would not help. It’s always like that. I one time in august drove from Seattle to Big Sur without seeing hardly anything. In august too.