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  2. somekid007
    somekid007 at |

    if ORD moved slightly N/S then yes, it IS possible that it got closer to LGA and PDX simulataneously!

  3. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    I had my next itinerary printed before the changeover and reprinted it after the changeover and I am losing something like 23 miles over the 9 flights (about 9,500 miles). LAX-IAD took the biggest hit, down 8 miles, SFO-LAX is up 1 mile though. Prior to that they still had DEN-ORD as Stapleton, so it was 903 instead of 888.

  4. Carl
    Carl at |

    Did someone write a business case where UA would save $3 million annually by reducing the miles between all airports a de minimus amount? Maybe the function they use is to find the lowest acceptable mileage between city pairs of any data source on the internet

  5. denise
    denise at |

    I had noticed this too….I fly EWR SEA pretty much weekly….and suddenly it was 9 miles less.

    Funny that Alaska uses the larger 2042 rather then the now United 2391, so the statement about aligning it with other airlines is not always true.

  6. Carl
    Carl at |

    For the past 10 years CO has credited 2401 miles for SEA-EWR
    AS credits 2401 miles for SEA-EWR
    Neither the SEA nor the EWR airports have moved in the past 40 years
    http://www.gcmap.com lists the distance as 2402 miles

    Now united.com lists the distance as 2392 miles. That seems beyond the margin for error or the possible difference between different locations on the airfield.

    None of the reasons give are believable

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