United updates partner earning rates. Again.

The new MileagePlus program from United Airlines continues to evolve, with the partner earning rates once again seeing updates this week. This round of changes mostly appears to be filling in the gaps regarding earning rates for flying on TAM and Taca, two partners which were conspicuously absent from the previous releases.

For TAM the rates are reasonably consistent with the rates from the old program. There are higher PQM rates on the premium cabin fares while the reward miles on some of those fares drops. Additionally there are two notable absences on the new chart: P and W. P was a discount business class fare and W was a deep discount coach fare. They both earned in the old program but do not in the new one.


For Taca there are still no PQMs (expect that to change in a few weeks when the carrier joins Star Alliance) and a number of fare classes have no earnings. All the classes which do earn, however, are at least 100%. And the new chart actually adds a number of the cheapest fare buckets, including S and T, to the earning charts.


Good news that the charts are finally published and even better news in terms of what the rates actually are. Hopefully these rates stick for a while.

As always, I’ve incorporated the new rates into the various calculators on the Wandering Aramean Travel Tools site.

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  1. I’m looking to book a TAM flight from SAO to MEX but the flight is operated by AeroMexico (JJ8354). The fare class is listed as Y on the TAM site but on the United partner page it says “If you purchase a ticket on a flight that is marketed by TAM but operated by another airline (known as a codeshare flight), the operating airline determines how many miles you earn for your flight.”

    Any idea if I will still earn United miles at the rate listed in the table? AeroMexico is not a Star Alliance member. When I called TAM, they said I would not earn any miles.

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