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  1. Zach
    Zach at |

    So they’re changing the flight times after just 1 month of doing the evening/redeye?

    As a DC-based semi-frequent US flyer, I like the original schedule better for the purposes of a doing a quick weekend in san diego. Might have to try to make the trip before they change the schedule.

  2. Planereality
    Planereality at |

    Is there some technical reason why “everyone” is reporting on this subject as “long-haul” or do they simply mean relative to existing DCA routes?

  3. Paul
    Paul at |

    SAN-DCA lv 11:00p ar 7:00a
    Effective 7/11/12
    SAN-DCA lv 12:30p ar 8:23p

    The math doesn’t add up. They’ll be leaving 1 1/2 hrs later but arriving 13 1/2 hours later.