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  1. Angelina
    Angelina at |

    Great video!!

  2. Gene
    Gene at |

    I wish I jumped on more of these, just couldn’t make the dates work. Portland is always a nice place for a (brief) visit. 😉

  3. David
    David at |

    Nice video. Just curious – what premium do you add to BIS miles that help you earn status? There are many ways now to “buy” miles for less than 2 cents per, but those won’t earn you status. How much more are you willing to pay for MRs like these, and how do you calculate that?

  4. Nik
    Nik at |

    That’s awesome! What’d you use for the editing? And I hope that was a torta at O’Hare. My vote for best airport food in the US, I think.

    And I’m starting to agree that flying somewhere for dinner and back on the redeye is a perfectly pleasant use of an evening. I just did MSN-ORD-SFO-DFW-AUS with 6 hours for a long dinner in San Francisco and had a great time (and more double EQMs!), but I totally failed to make a cool video about it. 🙂

  5. SEABrad
    SEABrad at |

    You were out quickly! You missed such a great movie as well. At least I had full service as I am pretty sure everyone else slept. Great vid

  6. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    Tremendous video! Loved it. The ORD-PDX meal looked absolutely disgusting.

  7. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    ps. I know where you got that torta at ORD! Yum…

  8. Anita kreitman
    Anita kreitman at |

    Next time in PDX have dinner downtown at Clyde Common…great fun for an East Coaster!

  9. Ore
    Ore at |


    I love the photos out of the airplan window and the video. Are you using an iphone for the clips or something else? Care to advise what you use for those great pics?


  10. Scottrick
    Scottrick at |

    So where’s this great food at ORD? I’m always disappointed when I eat there, so I need a go-to restaurant.

  11. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    It’s refreshing to hear about the occasions when someone with top status (and a blogger as well) is willing to fly coach if it means getting home earlier. I’ve given up first class upgrades several times this year in order to make it home a couple hours early, and people look at me like I’m nuts…glad to know I’m not the only one.

  12. Scottrick
    Scottrick at |

    I side with Seth, Andrew. Unless my upgrade comes with a meal, or I’m on a red-eye, the upgrade to F on domestic flights is nice but not that important. I’m usually just reading a book anyway.

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  14. Pinky
    Pinky at |

    Hey Seth, As I’m sure you know, PDX used to have an amazing “destination” sushi restaurant just outside security and perfect for MRs, Rose City Cafe. Unfortunately, it has closed. I will miss it on the MRs I booked. PDX has amazing food – but it used to be, you didn’t have to leave the airport 🙁