bmi confirms Star Alliance exit; only two weeks left

Now that the necessary government approvals have been received for the absorption of bmi into IAG, parent of British Airways, the company is confirming its exit date from Star Alliance. In just two weeks’ time – April 20th is the target date – bmi will withdraw from the global alliance group as it transitions into the IAG fold and the sale is completed. The company released a FAQ on its Facebook page with some information.

Nothing particularly surprising in the FAQ, really. They note that existing award reservations will be honored, which is only appropriate. They have also stated that they are working to extend some alliance benefits for members, even after they leave the group:

Q. After completion will I still be able to use my benefits on other Star Alliance carriers?

bmi is working with Star Alliance member carriers to ensure that once bmi begins to withdraw from Star Alliance there are opportunities for Diamond Club members to continue to receive certain benefits on the Star Alliance network for an agreed period of time. We will update you as soon as more information becomes available.

This would likely apply to lounge and baggage benefits for top-tier elites, a useful set of benefits to keep as existing tickets are cycled out of the system. Cutting those benefits when they existed at the time of ticketing would be most unfortunate for passengers.

Oh, and Virgin Atlantic is still considering an appeal of the approval, though it seems unlikely to have any impact.

Anyone have a suggestion for what to do with 58K Diamond Club points??

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Seth Miller

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  1. I am sitting on about 220,000 bmi, and will work though a trip I had not planned to take on Sunday. Hopefully I can pick up something like the Singapore A380.

  2. Just redeemed 60K for SYD-SIN-NRT-IAD in C (A380 and 777-300ER on SQ). The YQ was a pain at 700$, but still worth it in my books. BMI has a very favorable access to C seats on SQ (more than open to the rest of *A – similar to the one open to LH redemption) – so that might be a good value for the redemption.

  3. What??? Youre not waiting for their transfer into the incredibly valuable Avios? (snicker)

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