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  1. mommypoints
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    As a Houston girl, I am all for it, sort of. I can say that for the most part, many in the Greater Houston area have their preferred airport and airline. When I lived in AUS I had no issue flying Southwest with some regularity, but now that I live in the North Houston area, no chance I am going down to Hobby to get on a Southwest flight unless there is no viable alternative. At the wrong time of day that could add hours. When I lived in NYC, I used all three airports because I could access all three without being stuck in a car in traffic, but Houston is totally different. So, while I think that more flights and perhaps increased competition could be a good thing for Houston, I think those living on the South/Central side will be the biggest winners.

  2. houstonhusker
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    I would have to agree with mommypoints…the biggest winners will be the residents on the south side of Houston. I have lived in Houston for 20+ years and have NEVER flown out of Hobby because I live on the north side. However, if Southwest starts offering cheap flights down to the caribbean say Cancun, Cozumel, etc that United can’t beat on price, then I may be tempted to try out Hobby…but until they make if financially worth it to risk getting stuck in traffic for hours…then I’ll stay at IAH

  3. Sice
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    Agreed also that those on the south/central parts of town will win with this situation…Hobby is much easier for us to get to/from when we visit family in Sugarland.

  4. gobluetwo
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    A couple of comments:
    1) I feel the same way about Midway that many of you do about Hobby. Living northwest of Chicago, the travel time to MDW vs. ORD can easily be tripled in rush hour.
    2) You (Seth) wrote: “Southwest is willing to pay a decent chunk of that through increasing the PFC at the airport by $1.50 per passenger”

    Technically, wouldn’t the PASSENGERS be paying for it, not Southwest? Not to say that WN wouldn’t be paying some share themselves, but seems to me that the PFC increase wouldn’t really affect WN’s bottom line.

  5. Tom
    Tom at |

    The vibe here in Houston seems to indicate this will be approved. Southwest doesn’t seem to be doing too much lately to keep advanced purchase fares in Houston low, some I’m not sure United has too much to worry about in the long run.

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  7. Jason
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    I live in the Clear Lake Area and I’v only flown out of BUSH once and that was to go down south out of the country so I’m very happy now that I dont have to make a 2 hour drive across town to BUSH any more I can simply be at Hobby in 15 min

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