Checking in: Wishing I hadn’t fallen for EuroStars

Back in January during my Euro-hopping week of basically a different city in Europe every night I fell for the EuroStars Berlin. It was a last minute booking – literally booked 30 minutes before walking in the front door – and the property was fantastic. I was smitten and how. So when I needed a stay in Brussels on a similar last-minute basis I was quite happy to see that the chain had two properties in town. One was sold out but the EuroStars Grand Place was available and in my price range. Just a 5-7 minute walk from the train station and Le Grande Place, the location is pretty good, though it is a bit past everything else in the area. I like walking and that didn’t bother me, plus I had a great experience last time, so I booked.

On arrival I was a bit skeptical; the public areas weren’t nearly as nice as in Berlin. But I was on the hook and I hoped for the best as I checked in and headed up to my room. I suppose it was something of a good thing I was distracted by how small the room was. I didn’t expect much, nor did I need much, but it was quite small. Enough room for the bed, desk and loo, but only barely.



It was late and I was jetlagged, plus I had to be out in 7 hours to head back to the airport so I pretty much just passed out. In that regard the room was perfectly functional, though the bed was very, very firm. It was when I woke up the next morning that I noticed some of the greater shortcomings of the room. Like the chunk of wallpaper missing in the corner.


Or, somewhat more disturbing, the part of the floor by the door to the bathroom that was falling apart.


I missed the breakfast, which is fine because the charged far more than I’d consider paying for it. And then I was off to the airport.

It wasn’t a particularly nice property at all. That said, it did serve its primary purpose of being clean and cheap and having a bed available. I cannot complain too much, but I’ll definitely be more cautious when looking at this brand in the future.

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Seth Miller

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