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  1. oliver2002
    oliver2002 at |

    How will they accomodate you if the ‘next’ flight is sold out, ie no availability? 😉

  2. whakojacko
    whakojacko at |

    How the hell did you hit GS? You dont seem like the “30k spend in Full fares” kind of guy

  3. Gol
    Gol at |

    @oliver2002…GS members can get a seat on the next (full) flight, by simply bumping somebody from that flight. All it costs is a $200 voucher, which some ‘volunteer’ is usually thrilled to get

  4. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    I second whakojacko’s question (although I’ve heard it rumored it’s more like $50K in a year). You don’t give the impression that you travel much for work…I know we’re all a bit addicted to travel, but please tell me you didn’t blow $30-$50 of your own money just on flights last year (unless you’re making seven figures, in which case, more power to you!)

  5. Anthony
    Anthony at |

    I would like to know how this happened also. Without spending the money it almost seems like a thank you gift for answering UA questions on FT and being such a diehard fan.