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  1. Damon
    Damon at |

    Actually if you know someone working in the Towers, you could go up for free (however, you have to dress smartly – no shorts, flip-flops etc). There are actually 2 bridges that linked the towers. The employees only bridge is above the ones used for the tour. It is also quieter as there is no other tourists around.

  2. jackal
    jackal at |

    I actually found KL interesting and worth a couple of days. Good food, a lively scene, and plenty of interesting sights to see. I think you’re undervaluing it.

    I ran into another FTer in the underground theater at the Petronas Towers…

  3. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    @Damon — Two bridges? One must be in the haze or invisible 😉

    (I’m guessing you mean the one bridge has two floors/levels)

  4. Ozaer N.
    Ozaer N. at |

    Those towers are cool Seth!..did you get a chance to do the tour at Al Jazeera’s Malaysia studio on the 34th floor?