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  1. gobluetwo
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    “See, there are no actual flights between Boston and Narita on United Airlines. So unless all connecting flights between them are eligible the promo is actually useless.”

    Although there are no non-stop flights between BOS and NRT, the wording suggests that all SEGMENTS between BOS and NRT qualify for the bonuses. So on an XXX-BOS-ORD-NRT-YYY trip, the BOS-ORD-NRT segments would earn the bonuses, but XXX-BOS and NRT-YYY would not.

    The promo does state: “the bonus award miles only apply for SEGMENTS BETWEEN BOSTON AND NARITA.” (emphasis added)

  2. Scottrick
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    I agree with gobluetwo. The wording is “segments between Boston and Narita.” And while you can’t have one (nonstop), you could have two or three or more segments between those airports. What you aren’t allowed is a bonus for flights beyond Boston or Narita if the BOS-NRT portion is part of a larger itinerary.

  3. Kris Ziel
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    It’s not too difficult to get like 17K r/t for $1K, the question is wether or not this is stackable.
    Like a multi city BOS-NRT-BOS-NRT-XXX (via BOS). Do you have a link to the promotion page? I can’t seem to find it.

  4. downhillcrasher
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    Any bets this promo is just evidence of a pending announcement of a new BOS-TYO nonstop?

  5. downhillcrasher
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  6. Kris Ziel
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    I don’t see United having a TYO-BOS non stop, BOS hasn’t had TYO service ever, I find it hard to believe it could suddenly support two daily flights. And the promo ends in late summer, and United won’t even have their first 787 by then, which is the only plane I can see having a chance on that route.

  7. JCK75
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    I think this is fairly clear. (I’m making these segments up, so I don’t know if you can fly my proposed routings, but that’s not the point.)

    If you fly BOS-LAX-NRT all your segments count for the promo.

    If you fly IAD-BOS-LAX-NRT, only the BOS-LAX and LAX-NRT segments count.

    The other reading implies that there’s no promotion at all, which doesn’t make any sense.