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  1. New Girl in the Air
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    From the perspective of that 25K flyer, this is interesting news. Personally, I’d love to see airlines implement something like the Starwood “Nice Choice” promo, where the customer gets to choose the bonus. Right now one of the reasons I don’t strive for status is because only one of the perks – mileage bonuses – is valuable to me, with free checked bags or priority boarding as totally worthless handouts (for me). If I could choose something I cared about (a limited number of upgrade certificates or lounge passes), I’d be more inclined to stay loyal. I think it would be plausible to implement something like 25,000 miles flown = your choice of 3 perks, 30,000 miles = 4 perks, etc. with the airline determining the list of options. Of course, I don’t work at an airline so maybe a change like that would receive much more backlash from existing status-holders than I expect. Something for the “experts” to decide, but I’ll be interested to see the outcome.

  2. dayone
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    Very informative post, as usual. Thank you.

  3. Scottrick
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    I miss United’s Elite Choice program, which seems like a perfect way to apply this strategy. It allows a program to provide smaller incremental benefits at mid-tier thresholds like 30, 60, and 90K miles. Even if you don’t actually reach the next elite tier, earning a perk at 60 or 90K will incentivize those travelers who might otherwise shift all of their travel to another airline as soon as they requalify for a low- or mid-tier status.

  4. Lark
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    Hi Seth,

    I know you have been reading all the vitriol on FT lately in the UA forum…

    In light of that, I think a better name for this blog post of yours would have been ‘Tears within Tiers’.


  5. Deirdre
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    I’m happy I’m a (UA) silver, and I tend to use the “only” phrase only when talking to people who are speaking of different benefits due to higher status, e.g., I don’t have RPUs as I’m only a silver.

    However, having a friend sponsor an RPU has really been an education in higher elite levels, making them more interesting to attain. Pity I’m not one of the people targeted for the 20k promo, though.

  6. Scott
    Scott at |

    I feel like a “Lowly 1K” on the new “United”… can’t imagine what a Premier Silver must feel like!

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