American Eagle management cuts announced

American Eagle, the regional carrier arm of bankrupt AMR, has announced cuts at the manager level of the organization. The cuts come as the company attempts to trim operating costs in their reorganization. The cuts are not all that surprising and the numbers involved – about 10% of the non-union management staff – seem reasonable given the situation.

That said, there is one particularly interesting role which is being cut. Two senior executives are retiring a part of the deal. One is Dave Brown, VP of Airport Services. The other is Ed Criner, the company’s top safety official. That’s the one which is somewhat surprising. The safety role is being subsumed into the office of the COO.

Clearly it is possible for the COO to also oversee safety, but cutting the position as part of the reorganization doesn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It won’t affect my plans to fly on American Eagle, but I do find it an interesting move.

Read more here: AA’s American Eagle details management layoffs –

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Seth Miller

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