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  1. Nathan
    Nathan at |

    Ha that’s a lot of PDX turnarounds. If you want another dinner excursion I’d be more than happy to meet you at the Portland airport sometime!

  2. Ron
    Ron at |

    Hi, I am new to the miles and points world and came across your blog, since that also makes me new to your blog, I am trying to figure out your stories. In this particular post, why did you fly to PDX just for dinner to fly right back? Are these trips you take that are so short all free, paid for by your company? I am confused. Are you purely paying for these flights just to rack up miles? That seems expensive. As I am new to all the ways of racking up miles and points, I am trying to learn as many tricks of the trade as I can, so a little more insight into your travels would be greatly appreciated.


  3. Adam S
    Adam S at |

    Portland has a lot of good food. The food at Le Pigeon is amazing. Highly recommend for one of your future trips.

  4. Ron
    Ron at |

    Seth, when you say you booked that flight for $120, is that r/t? Is that a “mistake fare”? Today is the first day I have ever heard of that term, so I am still trying to comprehend it and how they appear. What exactly are mistake fares? Is it simply just the airlines posting a fare at an incorrect price on a website such as expedia? Is finding one of these fares just a chance encounter? I just a little blown away by your PDX trip for that price, I would have bought 5 of those as well.