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  1. Tim
    Tim at |

    Delta is certainly going to add F and change the interiors of these 717s, so any concerns about how “comfortable” they will be seems premature.

  2. Steven
    Steven at |

    Tim, the comfort issue is with the seats in the Y cabin. DL could very well pull out a row of seats to create their EC section and just put new covers on the existing seats, which is what they’ve done with second-hand MD-90s they’ve acquired. The FL Y seats on those planes are very, very bad – I think they’re the worst Y seat I’ve ever flown in.

  3. matt
    matt at |

    Steven – worse than Delta’s terrible 737 slimline seats?

  4. Serion
    Serion at |

    I’ve flown AirTran’s 717s quite a few times and I don’t find the seats any less comfortable than Delta’s or American’s MD-80s.

  5. Tim
    Tim at |

    DL may not change the cabin on receipt but they will certainly update them over time. I know that AirTran has F but Delta will add a row or two.

    The 717 seats, like all DC-9-based aircraft have slightly wider seats than 737 variants, which makes them a bit more desirable, all other features being equal.

  6. oliver2002
    oliver2002 at |

    Thank God the NW DC9s wiLl FINALLY retire! What DL will do with those pilots is not clear though… Switching from DC9 30/50 to MD 80/90 or 717 looks easy but is not.

  7. downhillcrasher
    downhillcrasher at |

    I always liked that delta flew the DC9s, sad to see them go, it was a nice nod to nostalgia, especially since I never had to fly on one. Glad to see the 717s will be sticking around the USA though.

  8. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Any idea when the last DC-9 is going to retire? Might have to figure out a way to fly on one….