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  1. PanAm
    PanAm at |

    I tend to overlook Puerto Rico for some reason, when thinking of places to go. Food sounds amazing. Getting a New Yorican Hot Dog may be reason enough to make a trek down there now!

  2. Dolsen
    Dolsen at |

    Thank you!! Definitely going to check out some of these places when we are there!

  3. Cook
    Cook at |

    Heck Yes! At nearly all ‘destination’ resorts, the rooms and other comforts may be nice, but they rarely invest much in their culinary offerings – perhaps beyond a few buffet shots. If anyone in the party is a foodie, go OUTside and explore the local options. Even when not stellar, their offerings are probably better and fresher than those as the resort. We can wonder why, yet we already know; the resort has a captive audience, most of whom don’t want to venture beyond the walls – or simply don’t care about food beyond basic intake. Foodies have to explore and try as much as possible. We understand that not everything will be perfect, but with out exploring those outside options, you’ll miss the ones that are worth writing about. Explore!!

  4. Grace
    Grace at |

    Thank you so much for the recommendations! We are heading down there this weekend and I definitely want to check out La Estacion.

  5. Tara
    Tara at |

    Thanks for the recommendations- heading out today. Don’t mind paying $75 for lunch if the food is good, but– it hasn’t been much to talk about at the hotel.

  6. Alison
    Alison at |

    In Puerto Rico now and can’t thank you enough for recos! Not loving the El Con food

  7. Matt
    Matt at |

    Seth, your review of your dining area in Fajardo was super helpful!! My partner and I are going on 3/15/14 and I will definitely be following your advice!! Thx