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  1. Kerwin
    Kerwin at |

    Thanks Seth.

    I wish they would adopt the same Economy class catering style they use to the Asian markets to everywhere else. It so vastly different.

    Good to see things are getting better on the old UA routes.

  2. Scottrick
    Scottrick at |

    Do you have access to these matrices? Could they be published? This is already very helpful, but the charts would be helpful, too.

  3. WillyG
    WillyG at |

    This pretty much explains why eagle-eyed observers like Joe Branatelli at Portfolio.com have dubbed United the worst airline ever. Passengers expect a product sold to them as X to be delivered properly and consistently. United currently is not and does not even aspire to be a united carrier. So more and more travelers will book away. Especially the elite travelers booking in premium classes. They may not even realize they are booking away because the trivial stuff (and, let’s be honest, in the big picture, food is trivial) simply isn’t consistent. Consistent delivery of service and an easily defined service proposition is why Southwest (39 years) and JetBlue (10 years) make money while the legacy lines continue to destroy capital, lose market share and shrink into the past.

  4. Golfingboy
    Golfingboy at |

    Now I really hope my EWR-IST flight will be on a 2 cabin aircraft, not 3 🙁 The seat map is still showing 3-cabin aircraft.

  5. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    A 2-cabin from EWR to IST ? Ugh. What would that be ? A 757? Hopefully a sUA 3-class 767/777 !

  6. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    The route is switching to a 2-cabin 763 as soon as they have the aircraft available. United is convertng their domestic 763 “ghetto birds” to a 2-cabin config.

    Also, I’m not so sure what the compelling factor is for wanting the 3-cabin plane unless you plan on actually flying in F. The biz seats are wider in the 2-cabin config and the meal service is more robust. If I’m going to be seated in biz anyways I’ll take the best biz product they have to offer.

  7. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    I think the biggest thing I’ll miss from legacy CO in business class on both domestic and int’l flights is the soup, even if just in a demitasse. At least on the domestic dinner flights, I see this as a big step backward. I also miss cheeseburgers on transcon red eye flights.

  8. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    Forgot to ask–any changes to UA’s former BusinessFirst routes? My understanding is there is meal service now on CO legacy ORD-EWR flights, but not UA-operated ones (unlike LGA, where UA does serve meals to compete with DL and AA).

    Would love to see meals return from ORD to -DCA/-PHL/-BWI/-IAD

  9. Matthew
    Matthew at |


    Not BusinessFirst, BusinessOne. Sorry…

  10. Chuck
    Chuck at |

    Again, the changes seem like about 85% CO and 15% UA. Jeff just loves his CO brand which was never as rewarded as UA.

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