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  1. theblakefish
    theblakefish at |

    What’s up with that premium cabin, as in the lack of seats? Lame…

  2. ptahcha
    ptahcha at |

    Interesting. They probably chose the sCO international 757 for the lay-flat seats, but it also means a reduction of premium seats. Redeploying the IPTE 767 probably didn’t make sense. I wonder if this means the 787 will make an appearance to make its domestic test run on p.s. before it goes international.

  3. William
    William at |

    Interesting… What will be happening to the business class section? As of now, the United PS service operates in a 3 class configuration (First, Business, and Economy Plus)

  4. Levi Flight
    Levi Flight at |

    I was wondering how those ps flights would work out. I was going to take the SFO to New York flight but they would not let me preselect a seat. Apparently that was something specific to these flights. I told them I am not goimg to leave too chance i’d not be in a middle seat and would book on VX then.

  5. NYBanker
    NYBanker at |

    So much for row 9!

  6. mark
    mark at |

    @Seth – You say: “As for the 767s, I doubt that the current long-haul schedule would allow for one of those to be swapped as easily as the 752. May as well use the 763 where it is going to be more profitable – on the real long-haul routes – rather than on a domestic hop, even if it is p.s.”

    So, you think there is no p.s. flight that is more profitable than the least profitable 767 international flight?

  7. Robertol
    Robertol at |

    The reasons to jump to AA are really starting to add up 🙁

  8. Rayme
    Rayme at |

    This is really extremely unfortunate. I don’t see what remains that is so ‘premium’ about this. United P.S. was one of the best things about United and was a pacesetter in the industry. Losing the three class service, losing the economy plus throughout the coach cabin, losing Row 9, losing the amount of upgrade opportunities, this is all very sad and further proof of the erosion occurring under Smisek who just wants to create more crappy narrow body planes he can fly across the Atlantic and have run out of gas and have to land in Greenland. Having a flat bed seat is nice but do you really need it to fly transcon? I’ve flown P.S. at least 30 times and the barca lounger is fine [I actually prefer it to the tilted seat in First]. Why not change First to the flat bed business seat, install AVOD throughout, upgrade the cradle seat, and bring back the meals in economy. That would be P.S. Of course, I guess I am ‘over-entitled’ and should just put-up or shut….

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