Delta announces more long-haul cuts from Atlanta

It was somewhat ironic last November when Delta announced that they were going to be cutting their long-haul international capacity this spring, just as the new international terminal opened at Atlanta‘s airport. The announcement this week is less in unfortunate timing and more in just plain unfortunate for folks in Atlanta. The carrier has announced two more routes which will be cut, at least for the winter season. Barcelona and Milan are on the chopping block. Service is expected to return in March 2013 following a suspension in late October 2012. Both cities will remain part of the Delta route network via connections in JFK, though Barcelona will see only 5x weekly service.

Like most cuts these days the company has cited high fuel costs and deteriorating economic conditions as reasons for the cuts. Of course, this news also comes on the same day that the company CEO has been reasonably vocal in touting the expected lowering of fuel costs thanks to that refinery they purchased a few weeks ago. Perhaps one of these two bits is less that certain right now??

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  1. Uh, let’s see, which two EU nations are about to join Greece in the crapper? Is that Spain and Italy?

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