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  1. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Not really surprising to see non-answers. Never really saw the value in having or attending those chats. When I submitted an answer about resort fees for the Hyatt chat, it wasn’t picked… maybe because it would have been difficult to answer with a non-answer as I was asking very specifically about certain junk fees.

  2. Mika Pyyhkala
    Mika Pyyhkala at |

    I would say 99% of these online chats the airline does not provide any real, hard, tangible useful information, and also the audience often asks soft questions that you could find on the web site, or somehow those questions are “picked,” as the ones to ask.

  3. RizwanK
    RizwanK at |

    I was glad to have won 10k AA miles though. =)

    There weren’t any real substantive answers from her though.

  4. Jay
    Jay at |

    these chats are a waste of time. the moderator needs to either post tougher questions or demand better answers (though i’m not sure AA would have agreed to show up without the softballs)…

    I followed along for an hour and a half last night and i feel like i was watching a propaganda display or a bunch of “yuk yuks”. these could be a really great feature on MP, but as they are now, not so much

  5. Tim
    Tim at |

    I agree that tougher questions are needed for these chats to be of value.

    It is inexplicable that this one made it through:

    “Could you share with us other non-OW airlines on which we could book award travel?”

  6. oneeyejack
    oneeyejack at |

    why waste over an hour when the questions and answers are horrible?!?!? i participated in the hyatt one and that one was pretty bad too. it’s not a “chat” when the questions are handpicked by the moderators. i might as well chat with myself because none of my questions ever get answered.

  7. eponymous coward
    eponymous coward at |

    This isn’t Herb Kelleher we’re talking about here. Your typical corporate flack is more on-message and not deviating from predetermined talking points (and not making news) than your typical politician. No gaffes, and say nothing while talking a lot.

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