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  1. Ted S.
    Ted S. at |

    The old shared AA/QF club in HNL was the saddest-looking Admirals Club in AA’s network, as far as I’m concerned, albeit with more complimentary food options. I’m curious to know what the new club looks like.

    1. Seth
      Seth at |

      Did you look at the photos. 🙂

  2. Scott
    Scott at |

    Good post since I’ll be in HNL in 2 months. Any idea if One World Emeralds get access to the lounge flying to the US? Based on your comment to the previous post, is this serving as the new AA lounge as well?

    1. Seth
      Seth at |

      This is definitely the lounge AA uses now.

      As for OW Emeralds, I’m not sure how those rules work. It is branded as the Sakura Lounge, not an AA lounge, and I definitely saw the OW cards on a display outside. I just don’t know the rules about international versus not well enough to be authoritative there.

  3. Huff Daland
    Huff Daland at |

    I thought Priority Pass Select membership thru AMEX Plat card is not honored in the United Clubs. It plainly states that on my Priority Pass app. I recently had to pony up $50 for a day pass to a Houston United Club.(Term E) The snack selection was disappointing.

    1. Seth
      Seth at |

      You are correct, Huff, that the PPass Select will not get you in to the UA lounge in HNL. But it will to the AA/JAL lounge. That’s one of many reasons I chose to go there this time around.

  4. econjon
    econjon at |

    They have rennovated the right side of the lounge…no moee massage chairs. 🙁 But still best lounge in terms of booze, view, and work space