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  1. charles
    charles at |

    WOW!!!! All for free… and no shilling credit cards either!

    I VOTE this Blog #1 for Travel Readers

    1. Seth
      Seth at |

      Well, charles, technically the SMS alerts do require a subscription. 😉

      But I will still take your vote.

  2. Stuart Falk
    Stuart Falk at |

    It would be great to have a search alert for One World award availability, which I now check through the Qantas site.

  3. palefire
    palefire at |

    Do you want to black out the phone number at the top of the *A award inventory SMS transcript?

    1. Seth
      Seth at |

      @Stuart – OneWorld award searches are on my list. I’m not sure of the timing but that’s definitely something I want to be able to do sooner than not.

      @palefire – Thanks for the concern about the phone number. That’s actually one of the numbers I use for the SMS gateway so anyone sending a text to it will get the same useful data and won’t really be bothering me at all.

  4. domino
    domino at |

    Thanks for these tools …

    How can I delete the alerts that I have set-up online? I am only able to deactivate it but cannot delete it … will use the SMS feature and will come back with more queries/comments.

    1. Seth
      Seth at |

      Right now I don’t have it set up to delete things, just deactivate them. It should display the active ones on top so the old stuff should just filter to the bottom anyways. This was a conscious decision, mostly to protect me from myself. I’m open to thoughts on why it is no good (and I suppose that eventually performance will dictate that I change my mind), but right now that’s the way I’ve got it.

      Also, the purple/green icons are now clickable so you can toggle those on and off quickly from the index page rather than going in to the edit page.

  5. theblakefish
    theblakefish at |

    With regards to the standard reward searches, do those alerts just get emailed as a non-first class user? The website is a bit unclear on how the alerts are delivered…and how frequent are they?

    1. Seth
      Seth at |

      If you are a regular subscriber you will get an email notification on the alerts still. First Class lets you add SMS to the options.

      As for frequency, *A awards are a minimum of 1x daily for regular and 4x daily for First Class. The other inventory is currently a minimum of 4x daily for everyone, with the intention of changing it in the very near future to give first class users notifications as quickly as hourly.

  6. MilesFromBlighty
    MilesFromBlighty at |

    Would love an international option for SMS alerts!

    1. Seth
      Seth at |

      I’m working on getting support for a UK SMS gateway online as well. Sadly, the costs of that option are significantly higher so I might have to skew the pricing model a bit to make it work, but technically it is a reasonably trivial adjustment.