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  1. Stuart Falk
    Stuart Falk at |

    That’s good news, but why does it seem to take forever from the date of the announcement to its actual implementation. For example, it was announced over a year ago that Malaysian was had been approved for membership in OneWorld, but it’s yet to happen.

  2. david
    david at |

    the first thing that comes to mind is using AVIOS from CMB to MLE r/t 9K!

  3. The Nomad
    The Nomad at |

    @david.. yes that would be an extremely good use.

  4. ketelone
    ketelone at |

    I love this development !! This provides a huge avenue for Oneword redemption to MLE. Earlier options were slim pickings but now all you need to do is get to CMB and then voila !!

  5. Amy
    Amy at |

    @Stuart, MH announced they were joining OW at the IATA AGM last year – one year ago, not over a year. At the time they said “late 2012”. It is not yet “late 2012”.

    It always takes a while for an airline to join any alliance. The airline has a lot of things they need to do before they can join which can include major changes to IT systems and FF programs.

    Also, every new oneworld member to join since 2006 has had the firm joining date announced by oneworld 6 weeks ahead.

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