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  1. cruisr
    cruisr at |

    Interesting. DO you see this impacting the ZFV-EWR-XXX routing. This has sometimes proved very valuable as it was cheaper to “begin travel” in ZFV. There was no electronic interface between Amtrak & CO and now UA and one could “unfortunatly” miss ZFV-EWR and it would not effect the EWR-XXX flight.

    Kiev looks very interesting. Hope the vodka is good!

    1. Seth
      Seth at |

      A couple things, cruisr:

      1) United and Amtrak got MUCH better a while ago about noting the folks who “missed” the train and those passengers have seen many more tickets not honored than back in the good old days.

      2) I don’t think that United bookings qualify yet but I’ve had trouble getting that confirmed.

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